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Monster Mash

Hermans Hideaway, 1578 S Broadway, Denver, CO

Kick the Halloween weekend off a little early with a Monster Mash-themed party at Herman's Hideaway on October 26th! Featuring music from Riding Carpets, Amaryllis, Coast To Ghost, and Polysanto plus a costume contest, themed drinks, decor, and more.

Thursday, 10/26 Bar Opens: 5:00pm Doors/Tix Required: 7:00pm

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Riding carpets

Riding Carpets is a Denver-based psych rock band that has been captivating audiences with their mind-bending songs and soundscapes since their formation in 2020. The band is known for their dynamic live performances, which combine fun songs, intricate riffs, driving rhythms, and soulful vocals to create a truly exciting and immersive experience.

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